Aluminum / Sheet metal / Copper

Raymore uses all of the major manufacturers so that we can match most colours, gauges, and profiles.  We work with GENTEK / KAYCAN / VIC-WEST / BUCHNER / AGWAY.


We install 4”, 5”, 6” eaves troughs & down pipes / ALUREX gutter guards / Soffit & fascia & frieze / Residential vinyl or aluminum siding / Commercial siding / Architectural metal roofs.


We install most of our residential aluminum eaves troughs, soffit, and fascia when we have completed our roofing components of the project. We install larger eaves troughs and down pipes on Plazas, Churches, and Townhouse complexes typically.  We fabricate and install Architectural roofs mainly on bay windows as a focul point on new custom homes. 


We install standard and custom siding profiles with TYVEC, strapping, and insulation to increase R-values on residential homes.  We repair and replace Commercial & Industrial sheet metal wall panels.


We take great pride installing quality cedar roofs.  The finished product is always stunning.  We use only first rate cedar and we will not compromise on the underlayments or flashing details.  We know the importance of using a quality Cedar Breather and making sure that the cedar exposure is within the manufacturer’s recommendations to prolong the life of your roof which everyone should do when this kind of money is being spent on this type of roofing product.


We have done many cedar repairs.  Unfortunately we do a lot of repairs on cedar roofs that have prematurely aged due to excessive exposure of cedar to the weather and/or poor ventilation.  These are the 2 most common issues that are usually a result of trying to cut material and labour costs.

Metal Flashing

We make custom parapet metal and all flashing profiles.  We bring portable breaks to our job sites and can fabricate pre-painted metal and pre-painted steel up to 28 gauge.  Any metal that is 26 gauge or thicker is fabricated in the shop and delivered to the job site.


We S-lock our metal if requested.  We incorporate standing seams if requested.  We also install hook or starter strips on Industrial or Commercial parapet cap flashing installations if specified.


We are VELUX authorized installers for all types of skylight & Sun Tunnel products.  We are excited about the new solar operated venting skylight.  The solar powered remote control that operates the venting skylight also opens and closes the custom blind you install.  This cutting edge technology also senses rain and will close the skylight automatically if you forget to.  Please see our photo gallery for recent installations.  Our technicians are up to date on all the proper flashing kits and installation procedures.


Our double dome skylight manufacturer uses welded metal frames and quality gasket seals and PVC extrusions. 


We install all types of skylights on residential homes.  We install skylights on Industrial and Commercial building retro-fit projects a well.  We re-flash the curbs and tie into the existing roofing systems.

Our Services

Specialty Work


We are often asked to install a new wooden deck and rail on our flat projects.  We enjoy doing this because we get to show of our carpentry abilities and see the finished product.  It also allows us to tie the deck and rail into our roofing system without compromising the new roof.  The two main reasons we are asked to install the new deck and rail are: 1) It is more cost effective to have us do the work while we are still on site vs. bringing someone in after the fact.  2) The most IMPORTANT reason customers ask us to install a new deck and rail is to avoid a potential finger pointing issue should a leak ever appear involving a warranty.  The roofer can’t blame the carpenter / the carpenter can’t blame the roofer.  The company did both components.



When we are on a roofing project and the adjacent protrusions are vulnerable to moisture migrating through the roof such as a chimney, we will tuck point or re-build the chimney depending on the extent of the damage.  We also repair and rebuild parapet walls where the integrity is lost.  This gives us a good substrate which allows us to adhere our membranes and flash the parapets with metal properly.  We also do brick repairs / restoration work on walls.



 We are often asked if we can fix the internal damage to the ceilings when we completed a project.  The answer is yes.  We have qualified carpenters who will replacing the insulation, vapour barrier, drywall, tape and sand, prime and paint to match existing colour.  Sometimes it is a much simpler solution that requires some stain remover, primer, and paint.



If a customer requests a new skylight with a skylight shaft we will install the 2”x4” skylight shaft.  We insulate the shaft and seal it with 6 mm vapour barrier to OBC.  We drywall, tape, sand, prime, and paint the inside to a finished product.  We hoard off the area we are working on to minimalize the dust.  We use scaffold and protection in stairwells.  We also offer a complimentary house cleaning when we are done to say thank you for your business and for putting up with the construction zone and dust.


We use all the major manufacturers.  Both ourselves and our installers meet with suppliers regularly for training on product changes.  This keeps us current with new technology.  We are able to recommend the product that is best suited for your project. 


We use IKO / BP / GAF / OWENS CORNING / CERTAINTEED.  We do a large volume of residential re-roofing, custom homes, townhouse complexes, and many small repairs.

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We are fully licensed and insured for torch down membrane and hot asphalt.  We are registered modified bitumen applicators through IKO.  Our technicians are fully trained.  The manufacturer’s representatives meet us on our job sites to review all applications and flashing details for certification.  We work with Consulting Engineers, Property Managers, and Contractors. 


We do a significant volume of Residential and Industrial re-roofing project, new construction &   small additions, section repairs & flashing repairs.  We are fully equipped for any type of service required.